Friday, June 20, 2008


It feels like summer just began. Donny finished his finals yesterday. YIPPEE! Now we are done with school until August. I wish we could be done forever but not yet. Although he still has to write a essay and send in his application to the Marriott school. Cross your fingers that he can make it in. We should find out mid July. If not who knows were life will take us. I have been dying to go camping but we haven't had any time yet. We were able to go up to Tibble Fork and go canoing the other day. That was fun but I still wanna go camping. We have a family reunion in about 2 weeks, I guess I'll have to wait until then. Tyler is crawling everywhere. Its so fun to see him learn new things. Well we aren't up to a whole lot but thats a little update.


We went canoing up American Fork canyon
at Tibble Fork Reservoir, with my sister and
her family.

Here is Donny and Ty, hangin out on the side
of the lake.

Dean playing in the lake with a canoe paddle.

This is My sister Emmalee, Her son Dean, and
my brother-in-law Rob, waving as they go out
on the lake.
Dean loved the boat ride, or as he would say
"boat wide! boat wide!"

If you look close you can see a moose crossing
the lake.

Tyler, Dean, and I made friends with the little
squirels, by feeding them some of Tylers treats.
Tons of them came to eat them. They came
right up to our feet.

Sleepy boy!

Tyler is so funny. When he is tired he will fall asleep almost anywhere. Sometimes in the funniest positions. I would be surprised if he didn't have a kinked neck all the time. Here are a couple pictures of him asleep in funny places. The first one is at my sisters on her couch, he just bent over and fell asleep. the other one, i was in the other room and it was really quiet, when I came out to see what Tyler was up to I found him asleep in his walker. So sweet. I felt bad waking him up to put him in his bed.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Family reunion!

Donny's side of the family had a reunion down in St. George this week. We went to the temple visitor center, toured Brigham Young's house. We stayed in a really nice condo resort thing. Tyler and I went swimming and stuff while Donny and others went down to Zions National Park. We also went 4-wheeling. We had fun but wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to rush home so Donny could take a test! bummer! But he got 100% so I guess it was worth it.
Most of Donny's immediate family and us at the St. George temple.
Here is Tyler chewing on his toy frog. Its his favorite toy. He thinks its a binky.
This is Donny's grandma. Notice the squirrel right next to her foot.
Donny's brother is picking plants when Donny notices a sign "CAUTION: poison ivy"! Oops!


My friend Chelsey and I brought our kids to the zoo. It was a nice day and we had lots of fun!
Tyler sticking his tongue out.
Ty loved the ride in the stroller he was so excited he kept kicking and flapping his arms.

This is Chelsey's new baby Norah. She mostly slept and ate, oh and cried. Isn't she cute?
I love this picture. Ty makes a small turtle but a cute one!
A couple of Monkeys!
Chelsey and her daughter Madaline.
Ty and the famous white alligator. I don't think he was to sure what to think about it.

More of May!

So my husband asked what he could do to help with dinner. I handed him a green pepper and asked him if he would cut it up. :) I guess I should have been more specific. This is just a small taste of Donny's sense of humor!

A while back I told you my friend wanted me to make her son a motorcycle birthday cake. Well she later informed me that she was inviting 30 kids and would prefer if it was in cupcakes. Talk about complicating, but I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Here is Sadie feeding Tyler her cupcake. He was going nuts!

I think this picture is just cute! Ty loved the swings.

Our garden!
I wasn't sure how we could do a garden with out a yard but I thought I would try this. Its alot of fun and our plants have already tripled in size since this picture. We have a tomato, zucchini, and cucumbers. and of course, Flowers!

Memorial Day!
Here is Dean and Tyler at the cemetery. Visiting my Aunt Margaret's grave. She died when I was 8 of Lupus. She was only 22 years old. I miss her!

This is my dad and nephew going on a walk. I just thought it was a super cute picture.

Some of May!

Tyler is learning to crawl. He has started going forward now, but at first he could only go backwards. He would end up under all kinda of things. This is him under the stroller.

Mothers Day!
We gave my mom some mixing bowls for Mothers day! We thought they worked better as hats! What do you think?

Grandma's house
Donny's mom babysat Tyler, while we went over night for our anniversary. Tyler is wearing grandma's Pluto slippers!

We had our 2 year anniversary on May 13th. We went over night out to Vernal. This is us at the dinosaur museum. Its pretty cool.

It was raining really bad one day and our river outside our condo over flowed. Luckily no condos flooded. This is how the river usually looks!

My younger brother Andrew graduated from CEU. So, I made him a cake. If you can't tell what it is, its a couple books with a graduation cap on top.

Update on April!

So I finally gave up on my internet. We've had people come look at it and no one can figure out whats wrong. So I brought all my pictures to my parents and I'm going to use there internet, which has got me be faster than mine. I'm going to put a lot of pictures on with a little description. I will start with what we did in April.

This is Donny's little brother Kyle, he left on his mission to Independence, Missouri. He is determined to be Tyler's favorite uncle even while he is gone for 2 years.

This is my little brother Matt. His first Prom. Isn't he a stud??!!

At the park
My nephew Dean and Tyler! We went to the park to feed the ducks. Dean doesn't look like he's having fun, but he really was!

This is Tyler and his buddy, Dallen Bryce. They are about 2 1/2 weeks apart. Dallen just moved to Arizona at the end of April. We are gonna miss him and his parents!