Sunday, November 23, 2008

Look who's walking!

Look at our big boy! Isn't he so grown up? He's had the balance for quite a while, we were just wondering when he would be brave enough to take his first steps. Well now he wont stop. He loves it and he's so proud of himself. We are very proud of him too. He is a bit clumsy, even more so on our slippery wood floors but he's doing very well for just learning a couple of days ago.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog? What's a blog?

For all of you accustomed to interesting, high-quality posts, I'd like to apologize. This is Donny, making my first post.... ever. So don't abandon our blog if you're unimpressed - Megan will still be handling most of the posting responsibilities. With that disclaimer, here goes...

I had a birthday last week. I am now a quarter of a century old. (sounds more impressive when you say it like that.) Megan (and her family) put together a very nice dinner & surprise party for me. She's good at things like that. Thanks to everyone that came, too. Here is a picture of me looking surprised.

In her usual style, Megan decided to make multiple cakes - which didn't clue me in to anything because she has done it before because she "can't decide which one to make." Here are her latest two creations: a football player and Lavell Edwards Stadium. Very impressive!

Thanks Megan for a great birthday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween update

We had a lot of fun this year for halloween. We got to dress up quite a few times. First, our ward put on an awesome halloween party. Everyone had very creative costumes. We carved and painted pumpkins and then made carmeled apples. Yum! I didn't get a very good picture of our costumes but here they are....
I am a girl being abducted by an alien. (I wish I had a better picture) can you tell what I am? My boys are the MEN IN BLACK! Don't they look so good? I think so!

Second, We went to a family halloween party at my parents. We had a lot of delicious halloween treats. We played halloween pictionary. Then we split up into groups and made scarecrows out of anything we could find around the house. It was so funny. This is what my groups scarecrow turned out like. I'll tell you what, it would definitly scare me if I was a crow! haha

Donny and I brought Tyler to the pumpkin patch. We dressed him up as a frog for that. Tyler was also a frog on halloween night. We went to St. george and went to a trunk or treat and around the neighborhoods with my little cousins. Here are a few pictures of Tyler at the pumpkin patch and of our pumpkins we got there.

My pumpkin is the painted one. Donny's is the carved one. We later carved Tyler's when we were in St. George, but didn't get a picture.
We went to St. george because one of my best friends(Megan) got married on Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding. They are such funny people. Tyson (Megs husband) decided he wanted to wear a kilt for his wedding. Random, he is not Scottish, he didn't serve his mission in Scottland, he just wanted to, so he did. haha Then for the reception, they had everyone wear their halloween costumes. It was awesome. I didn't get any pictures of the reception, but here is a picture of the happy couple! I love you Meggs!!!