Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our little BYU fan!

Daddy has taught him well!
Go Cougars!

Touch Down!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Back in August!

We had our friends Abby and Sean come visit us from Utah! We had lots of fun. Here are a few things we did together....

We went on a Jungle riverboat cruise in Fort Lauderdale.
This is the "Jungle Queen" (the boat we rode.)
This is what most the rivers looked like. They are just like streets through neighborhoods, they all have yachts or boats parked out side.There were HUGE mansions. I can't remember who's house this was, some famous person.This is a large yacht we saw. It belongs to David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA. It cost 30 million dollars! WOW!We thought this sign was great. My little Brothers name is Andrew Cooley!Tyler looking cool in my sun glasses!We stopped at one of the islands(the jungle) and they fed is dinner and had some entertainment, a comedian, and a magic show. There were parrots, monkeys, and other animals on the jungle island.
Sean, Abby, Me, Donny, and Tyler!
We were also about to hit a Miami Dolphins pre-season game. That was a lot of fun. We had seats in the 3rd row. It poured rain on us, that is why we are all soaked! But the rain made it a lot of fun!Our family in front of the field!

Thanks for coming and visiting us Abby and Sean. We had so much fun! And for everyone else, if you come visit we can have lots of fun with you too!! ;) (hint, hint)