Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hicken's Top 10 of 2010

10- Went on vacation to both Arizona and Idaho.

9- We completely repainted and moved back into our condo in Provo.

8- Megan started her own cake business.

7- Tyler went to his first BYU football game and loves to sing the cougar fight song.

6- Donny picked up golf.

5- Megan ran in her first 5K.

4-Tyler turned 3 and loves to act his age.

3- Tyler is proud to announce that he'll be a big brother in June 2011.

2- Donny graduated from BYU with a BS in Business Management.

1- Donny got a job offer with Lockheed Martin. So we will be moving to Atlanta, GA in January.

This year we started a annual cousin Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. We ate dinner, had a white elephant gift exchange and played games. I only got pictures of people playing the Kinect on the x-box. The game I think is called dance off. Here are a few pictures I took. I wasn't able to get a picture of everyone and my videos were to big to upload. But you get the idea.
Brandi Pineda
Celeste (soon to be Snyder)
Emmalee Lawrence
Ben Devoe
Cherese Devoe
Tyler Snyder
Tori Snyder (and Ashley in the background)
Gracie Devoe
This is a wedding cake I made for a friend I went to High school with. I could not have done this cake with out a lot of help from family and friends. thanks everyone who helped.
Tyler got to meet Santa Claus at the ward Christmas party. He was so thrilled he would not leave his side the entire time he was there. He sat in this chair next to Santa and helped hand out candy to all the children. He was Santa's little helper.
Here he is sitting on his lap. He asked him for a pillow pet and Little Einstein movies. We will see, i guess.

Tyler and I went out to Roosevelt a couple days before Halloween but I didn't bring his costume. We went to the store and this is what we came up with. Doesn't he make the cutest puppy in the world?
Each year my family has a family Halloween Party. Here are the costumes of those that came.
Mom and Dad : crazy tourists
John and Amanda : Rosie and a whoopie cushion.
Em, Rob, Dean and Brig : Starwars characters.
Tyler and Dean had fun smashing Frankenstein piƱata
Large cauldron full of homemade rootbeer. unfortunately we couldn't find any dry ice.
Pumpkin pizza!
Our family pumpkins we carved at our ward Halloween party.
Here are our costumes. Cookies and Milk!
My little brother, Matthew, left on his mission to Kampala, Uganda. We sure miss him! These photos were taken right before he left.
Tyler and Uncle Matt!

Friday, October 15, 2010

October fun!

I brought Tyler to a cute little pumpkin patch in Springville to choose his Halloween pumpkin this year. He LOVED it. Besides going out and picking our own pumpkins they had other fun children activities.

Here is Tyler trying to make his way through the maze of Hay.
Which way do I go?

Here are the 3 pumpkins we decided on. We will be carving them in a week, so stay tuned.
I am not sure what you call this... a cornbox, instead of a sandbox? We had corn EVERYWHERE, and hay.Playing on the big hay pyramid.
They also had a cute little petting zoo. Probably Tyler's favorite part. They had goats, sheep, little donkeys, and even a baby kangaroo.

Tyler is pretty excited about his Halloween costume this year. So as soon as i finish it i will post.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tyler's Birthday

For Tyler's birthday we took him bowling, which he absolutely loved. We won't talk about the bowling scores... but it is probably illustration enough that Tyler ended up with the highest score.

Then, later in the week we had a birthday party with lots of friends & family. Megan made the cake (which is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, for those of you who don't watch much Playhouse Disney.) 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're still alive!

Sorry we haven't posted for 4 months. We are okay though. Thanks.

(We'll post again within the year.)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


We woke up to a bunch of snow last Friday morning. So I decided to enjoy it and show Tyler how to build a snowman. He was more interested in throwing snowballs then the boring old snowman so I decided to make it have a Mickey Mouse head. Who wouldn't be excited about that? It worked. Well here is out piece of art:

The snowmouse
Throwing snowballs.
Putting on the final touches!

Cookie Cutters.

There is this adorable little hair shop for kids here in American Fork. Its called Cookie Cutters. I decided to bring Tyler to get his first professional hair cut. I usually cut his hair, i thought this might help me get some tips. It was so much fun. The kids get to choose what vehicle they get to sit in and what movie they want to watch. They also get a sucker, balloon, and a cookie cutter. I'm not sure haircuts at home quite compare. We may have to make this a ritual.

Tyler chose the airplane. and was very excited as you can tell by this cheesy smile! He also chose to watch Monsters Inc. which is his favorite show of the month.

And here is the result. Isn't he handsome?

Boys best friend.

Tyler has finally decided not to be afraid of my parents dog, Olive. Infact, you'd think they were destined to be best friends.