Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nursery Time!

Our Tyler turned a year and a half on the 15th of March. What better excuse for a cake??? We play games with a few friends every Sunday. Usually I make cookies, but this time I made Tyler a half birthday cake.

He wasn't sure about the hat!
Also, since Tyler is now 18 months that means NURSERY! Yay!! Tyler was starting to become a handful at church, wanting to run everywhere. We were really looking forward to nursery. Ty did GREAT. He was so content he didn't even want to leave when we picked him up. He does very well except when the nursery leaders tell him he cannot eat the plastic bananas. (poor kid) Snack time is, of course, his favorite. He has been going to nursery since the beginning of March. Last week we were just walking down the hall, someone opened the door to the nursery and Tyler took off inside before we could even say goodbye. It is definitly harder for me than him. Although, I really enjoy being able to listen to the lessons again in Sunday school and Relief society.
Here is the picture he colored his first day in nursery. I'm so proud of him!!!

St. patricks Day!

Okay I would say it is about time I updated. I know St. Patricks Day was a few weeks ago but here is what we did.

First, My sister in law, Amanda, is a little leprechaun. She was born on St patricks Day. My brother asked me to make her birthday cake. It is not the best cake I have ever made, but it was fun. Amanda collects snow globes, so that is what I attempted to do. It looks a bit cartoony or like a child colored it with crayons but oh well, I had fun. Here it is.....

Another fun thing we did for St. Patricks Day was go to a "parenting activity" that our ward was having. We had a play date and it included a delicious GREEN breakfast. Green eggs, pancakes, and milk. Thankfully the bananas were not green.

Here is Tyler and his buddy Noah.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

In response to HBO's plans to air an episode of "Big Love" where they depict sacred temple ceremonies, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has created a short video that explains the purpose of Mormon temples.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deceptively Delicious!

My wonderful husband got me the best Valentines gift EVER. The cookbook: Deceptively Delicious by: Jessica Seinfeld. basically you sneak vegetables and fruits into all kinds of meals and your picky children have no idea that they are eating them. Great idea! Since I have a somewhat picky child, who would prefer to eat everything but vegetables, this was a perfect gift. Today was my first try. I made Banana Nut bread w/ CAULIFLOWER! Here it is.......


The Product!

The Result!!


(He even wanted more.)