Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August happenings

I don't mean for it to be a month between each post but with our internet is still not working great, I really don't have patience nor time to do this. So here I am at my mothers using her internet so you all don't think I am completely lost. Here is what the Hicken's have been up to this month! Not in any particular order...

We went to Colorado with Donny's family and some family friends. It was a blast. Very beautiful area, Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride. If you have never been there it is a gorgeous area. It was nice and rainy most the time. Which was a nice change from the heat around here. We hiked to a beautiful waterfall in the rain, got ADORABLE old-time pictures of our Tyler, and the other picture is of Donny and his Mom on top of the mountain, if you look close you can see the city of Telluride down below. They road the Gandola up there, a ski lift thing!

On August 14, I turned 24!! I didn't think I would feel old but I kinda do. Donny decorated the house with balloons and streamers. (Tyler loved the balloons) We went to the Utah County fair, and then ordered pizza. Invited my family over for cake and ice cream. Below is Donny's cake creation. Don't ask me why an Alien, but oh well it was funny!

SOLD!!! :( We finally sold our Bronco. This was Donny's car since he was 16. Lots of good times! But when we are lucky we got 10 miles to the gallon in this old beast, so it was time to sell it! Our neighbor bought it so we will still see it, just 2 parking spots down from ours. Its hard to see everyday, but it is good to see someone put it to good use, because we hardly ever drove it. We will miss our ol' Broncy!!

August has $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point! My mom, sister, nephew, son, and I went to the dinosuar museum. (I think we went the same day as you Lorina) It was CROWDED! We had to take turns taking pictures, be we got a few cute ones. Most had other peoples kids posing in our pictures, it was funny! Tyler and Dean had a good time!

CONGRATULATIONS DONNY!! Donny made it into the Marriot School of Business at BYU! He plans to major with business finance degree. I am so proud of him! He worked hard to get here! We are excited for him to start a program. Now we have an end in sight and it is very exciting!!

I picked up a new hobby, Couponing! Thanks to my friend Erin. She inspired me. You should check out her new blog She has amazing deals and how to start into coupons and save money, lots of free stuff too! Right now we really need to save money so this has been great. I am just getting started but am quickly becoming a couponaholic ( so my husband thinks).

Well thats what we have been up to this month! Now we are just trying to get things in order before Donny starts school in a couple weeks. Life never slows down. But we are enjoying it! Hope to have a new up-date soon!