Monday, May 2, 2011

Tyler's silly faces!

Tyler LOVES to look at himself and make faces. I often find him in the bathroom pulling faces at himself in the mirror. He recently found out that he can also do this in front of the camera. Here is what I am talking about:

Did I mention he thinks he is HILARIOUS?!!

Braves game!

Donny has been wanting to go see the Atlanta Braves play for a while now. We finally did it. We had a great time. We had cheap seats but they worked for us. And you can't go to a baseball game with out getting a hot dog for dinner right? SO we did that, too. Here are some pictures of our night out.
A great view of down town Atlanta!
Tyler complained that is was loud and he looked like this most of the game.
About the 6th inning we got a little restless and decided to walk around the stadium.
The big drum!
Our family on a giant coke bottle bench.
Tyler was a big fan of the Braves.
Donny and Tyler in front of the Giant coke bottle! (the cow in the back ground also does the tomahawk chop.)
After the game some random guy was mowing the lawn with a push mower. We thought this was so strange. Anyone know why he would be doing this?
We ended the night with a great firework show that they do at every Friday night game. Although the Braves lost we really didn't care it was a fun family activity. I think we might go again sometime.
Since the Braves are Indians they have a cheer that everyone does called the tomahawk chop. This was Tyler's most favorite part. Here is a video of him doing it.