Saturday, March 13, 2010


We woke up to a bunch of snow last Friday morning. So I decided to enjoy it and show Tyler how to build a snowman. He was more interested in throwing snowballs then the boring old snowman so I decided to make it have a Mickey Mouse head. Who wouldn't be excited about that? It worked. Well here is out piece of art:

The snowmouse
Throwing snowballs.
Putting on the final touches!

Cookie Cutters.

There is this adorable little hair shop for kids here in American Fork. Its called Cookie Cutters. I decided to bring Tyler to get his first professional hair cut. I usually cut his hair, i thought this might help me get some tips. It was so much fun. The kids get to choose what vehicle they get to sit in and what movie they want to watch. They also get a sucker, balloon, and a cookie cutter. I'm not sure haircuts at home quite compare. We may have to make this a ritual.

Tyler chose the airplane. and was very excited as you can tell by this cheesy smile! He also chose to watch Monsters Inc. which is his favorite show of the month.

And here is the result. Isn't he handsome?

Boys best friend.

Tyler has finally decided not to be afraid of my parents dog, Olive. Infact, you'd think they were destined to be best friends.

Friday, March 5, 2010

We are still alive!

WE'RE BAAAACK! Okay, we never really left anywhere, just out of commission for a while. I've just been really lazy about blogging lately. I'm still trying to catch up on reading all my friends blogs. I thought i'd take a break and update mine while i'm at it.

Those of you who don't know, we are back in Utah and living with my parents for the time being. Not our ideal living arrangements but it hasn't been to bad. Our condo is being rented, with the best renters we could ask for, until the end of July. In which we will be moving back there to Provo. I can't wait. Our ward here has been fun. We both got calling right when we moved in, which has helped us feel more involved. I teach the 15/16 year old Sunday school class and Donny is with the wild crazy sunbeams. I like to think they got our callings mixed up, but i guess maybe they are just teaching us to overcome our fears. It has been a good experience.
We miss Florida, especially the weather, but it has been nice to be back home and close to family and friends.

Three best cousins!
(or only cousins)

Donny is attending his second to last semester at BYU. He's hoping to get another internship this summer. I am excited for another adventure, so cross your fingers with us. Donny entered into a competition to design a webpage for me with the school. So we changed the name of the cake business and now it seems more official. Thanks Donny for all your hard work. Check out my new site at zoobiecakes.comHere are just 2 of my favorite cakes i've made this year. There are more on my website or you can become a fan of them on facebook. Just search Zoobie Cakes.

Tyler has entered into his terrible twos.. Okay, he's not that bad but he does have his moments. So he has recently been introduced to "the corner." He actually enjoys it most the time. So i am not sure how well it is working.
I am pretty sure Tyler is going to be a great big brother. He LOVES his newest cousin Brigham. He always wants to hold him and feed him. Look at that grin... what a cheese!
Every year I like to think of the holidays as "eggnog season", but not Donny. I think he would refer to them as "Cherry Cordial season". For the past who knows how many years Donny and his cousin Nathan have both eaten a cherry cordail when they get together. Did I mention they both HATE Cherry cordials? Well over the past few years they have began to get more creative. This year Nathan surprised Donny with a Cherry Cordial PIE! Which he used 4 BOXES of cherry cordials to make it. Well they both sat down to eat this delight, everyone was laughing so hard tears were coming. Nathan i think got about one bit before he ran to the bathroom. While Donny slowly chewed his, savorying each flavor, then responded "It tastes like chemicals." I think Donny is already plotting how he can top Nathans pie next year.

We brought Tyler sledding and he thought it was the greatest adventure of his life. Luckily all this snow has replaced Tyler's love of the beach, he now asks "build snowman!" instead of "Go beach, go beach!." I thought we were going to break his heart when we got home. He really loves the snow and his gloves, hats, and Handy Manny boots he got for Christmas.

We spent Christmas with Donny's family in Roosevelt this year. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures off the annual Christmas morning silly string fight. Even shadow got covered this year. Poor dog!