Monday, August 31, 2009

Discovery Launch

On Friday night we took a drive up to Titusville, Fl to watch space shuttle, Discovery, launch. It was a fun experience. I mean who wouldn't drive 3 hours to watch a 5 minute event just to turn around and drive home another 3+ hours. It was worth it to us. We consider it a once in a life time experience. Here are a few photos:

This is a street lamp behind our heads not the shuttle.
The shuttle, and everyone taking photos of it.
Tyler and I with the shuttle behind us.
the shuttle, almost out of sight.
this is a video of it launching. It is kind of short because we wanted to get pictures of it too. It was so cool to see! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

6 month vacation...

Well, it appears that it's been a month since our last update. (Whoops!) In that month we have been able to get settled in and begin to enjoy some of the things to do around Miami. Here are some slide shows... in no particular order.

I had a birthday on the 14th of August. I'm now 25. I don't feel any older though, yet. Donny took us on a boat tour of the bay and to hard rock cafe. It was a lot of fun. Tyler loves boats and kept waving at all the passing boats.

We got a annual pass to the Miami Metro Zoo. It is large and very fun. Here are some photos of our last trip. We went with some of our new friends, the Tingeys! It was fun and poured rain! We rented a Safari bike to go around the zoo and it was well worth it. While we were there Tyler was playing in the water when he collided with a girl and fell on his face. His bottom teeth went into his upper lip and he was bleeding and got a nice fat lip! Luckily dad saved the day and bought him a 32oz Slurpee in which he consumed himself! At least he stayed hydrated right?

more photos coming soon!!!!!!