Monday, May 12, 2008

Technical difficulties!

If you are wondering why I haven't updated my blog for a while I do have a good excuse. I am really upset with my internet company. Last month on Apil 21st all the condos in our complex had a "internet upgrade" well since then, our internet is so incredibly SLOOOW!!! It takes about 20 minutes to upload one page(not exagerating). We have had a few people come and look at it and all we get is that it must be our computer. Kind of a strange coincidence that our computer and internet was working just fine before this so called upgrade! So we are still trying to get it to work faster, wish us luck! Then I will be able to post some pictures. I have alot and I want to show you all, but I guess now is not the time.

P.S. Our fish had babies, only 3. But sad news is they didn't even make it one day. We think its because she was such a young fish. Well we bought 4 new ones. We named them, Sammie, Alf, Julie, and Flo. Random I know, but we enjoy naming our fish.

I am going to publish this now and pray it works with out a picture, cause it wouldn't with one! Here it goes........