Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Update

It seems our blog is a little behind the times when it comes to our Christmas activities, so we will try to cram in as much as we can to get things up-to-date. First, we went to Donny's family party the weekend before Christmas, where we enjoyed the annual white elephant gift exchange. The star of the show was, of course, "the grapes" - they make an appearance every year and are always the life of the party. Grandma was the lucky winner this year, so they will be proudly displayed in her house. (Lucky Grandma....)
Tyler enjoyed making wrapping paper to get ready for Christmas - Megan's family used to do this when she was younger.

We came home a couple days before Christmas and got ready, then went to Megan's parents to spend the holiday. We were glad that we made the drive before all the snow came on Christmas morning. Tyler had a great time opening presents, though he couldn't understand why we were up so early. (Neither could we - he would have to ask his uncles about that one.) He loved his presents, and most of all he loved eating treats. (Maybe a little too much....) There was an early morning silly string attack, but most recovered from it fairly well. (Tyler didn't know what to think about it.) We also got to talk to Donny's brother Kyle, who is serving in the Independence Missouri Mission.

Megan's aunt's family had extra tickets to the Jazz game Friday night, so we were lucky enough to be able to go with them. We had a great time there - we sat on the very top of the arena. We also arrived early enough to get a free Jazz fleece blanket. Sweet!
Saturday we were off to another family Christmas party, this time with Megan's Dad's side of the family. Megan made some cupcakes from her new cupcake book (great gift!) Here are some pictures of how they turned out.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is coming.....

Christmas is coming so soon. Just one more week. Yipee!! I thought I should get on the ball and post a few of our christmas adventures we have had this year, before the season is over.

We made gingerbread houses this year, two in fact. I don't ever remember making one before so this was a new adventure for me. i think they turned out pretty fun. The first one I made with Donny's brother and sister. My favorite part is the Santa and reindeer on top. Complete with a sleigh and santa's bag of toys on the chimney. They next house Donny and I made while Tyler enjoyed eating the red hots. It was a lot of fun.

We spontaneously went up to SLC on Monday night. We were driving to the store to rent a movie from the redbox and heard a commercial on the radio about a sing along up at the ESA with free admission, free food, and free parking. So we looked at each other and said "Wanna go?" So we turned around and headed to Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun. We got free hotdog and soda. They had a orchestra playing all the music. We sang Christmas songs and then Santa and the Jazz bear came. Tyler wasn't sure what to think of all the people in the arena. He pulled this face for the first little while. then he warmed up and was clapping and dancing and even trying to sing. It was so cute.

After the caroling sing along we rode trax over to Temple square. It was cold so we were not there very long. It was so nice to see all the beautiful lights. Here are a few pictures of that.

Then this evening my sister threw a suprise gradutaion party for her husband. It was fun. he had no idea. We had pizza and cake and ice cream. I didn't take pictures of the party but here are the cakes I made.

He graduated from UVU. We are so excited for him. Congratulations ROB!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Craziness

Welcome to our living room, 2008. Some might say that we went overboard in decorating for Christmas this year... They're probably right.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Festival of trees

I love the festival of trees. If you have never been, you should go. It is awesome. It is really not a bad price either. $4 for an adult. Less for children, free under 2. It is over now. It ended on Saturday. The best part about it is that all the money goes to primary childrens hospital. There are thousands of trees, decorated and set up through out the whole South towne expo center. People start planning for these trees and gather things for them through out the entire year. Some are all bought, others are hand made. This year one family's tree included a entire life long Santa clause collection of a relitive who had passed on. The tree was selling for $3500. That was one of the most expensive trees but most sell for at least $500. Again it all goes to primary childrens. They have other things there as well besides trees. They have delicious scones and cinnamon rolls! YUM! They have entertainment, a little shop to buy mostly hand made crafts and stuff, door decorations, and my favorite.... the ginger bread houses. WOW! I cannot believe the talent that go into some of these things. It is wonderful. My husbands family usually donates a tree every year. This year they took a break but I think they missed it. I hope they plan to do it next year because I really want to help. Here are some pictures of our day at the festival.
This tree was made of glass. It had lights behind each leaf and it danced to the music that was playing. Very cool.

This is our family picture with the snow man. Tyler got a little bored and fell asleep. This ginger bread castle was HUGE! You cancompare it with the people standing behind it. I cannot imagine how much ginger bread they used.This was one of my favorite gingerbread houses. I just thought it looked cool. They had a awesome cabin gingerbread house but my picture turned out fuzzy. It was my favorite. Very detailed.

Tomorrow we are making gingerbread houses with my sister and her family. If only we had this kind of talent.

Also, we had our ward christmas party last Friday evening. It was a Christmas morning theme. We all wore our PJs and had a yummy breakfast meal for dinner. This is becomming a tradition in our ward and it is so much fun. We also had a visit from Santa Clause. I'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing. I'm not sure one child was smiling while sitting on his lap. Those that dared were not very sure of him. Most were screaming their heads off. Here are a few pictures of Tyler with Santa.....

Aren't we cute elves?

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Myth... Busted.

I have always been told that you can't carve those miniature decorative pumpkins.... But as it turns out, yes you can! (cell phone added for size comparison)

(Maybe our next post will make the transition to Christmas instead of Halloween topics.)