Monday, August 1, 2011

Blog Overload! New baby!

What's new? One day I will be great at keeping a blog, that day just might not be for 10 more years. Here is what we have been up to in the past few months. Mostly pictures. Enjoy....

Here is our garden when it looked beautiful... before the birds ate our strawberries and the chipmunks decided to eat the rest. (cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes.) We even put a net up and they ate a hole in it. Plus, it has been really hot and the plants are not doing so well anymore. Maybe we will have better luck next year.
On May 13th, Donny and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. We went to Medieval times dinner and tournament.
We were cheering for the red knight. We ate our food with our hands and everything. It was a lot of fun.
Of course, we had to bring Tyler home a crown.
One of my best friends, Holly, stopped at our house for the night on their way to Florida for the summer. He husband J'Dee got a summer internship in Clear water. It was fun to visit with her and see her cute dog Marley. She will be coming again in a few weeks. I can't wait. Except this time she will be the one that looks pregnant... not me. :)
My wonderful friends in Georgia through me a baby shower. It was great fun.
(Brenna and Amber)

(Dianne, Rebecca, and Amy)

(Lisa and Donna)

(me, Tyler, Laura, Carter, and Cheryl)

(Most of the ladies. The young women were there as well they hosted it for activity night.)

(Cute Amy!!)

Oh and we had a baby!!!!
Parker Matthew Hicken
7lbs 14oz
19 inches
Born May 25th, 2011
I love this face... He looks like my brother Matthew in it.

Proud big brother!
Ready to go home!

My boys!! I love them!
We had the boys exchange gifts. Parker gave Tyler some tools.
Tyler picked out this adorable Alligator for Parker. We named him Spinach!


The Latest.... said...

Meg! I love all the pictures and am so excited to come see you!!! Parker is a little cutie and I just want to hold him! I can't believe the summer is almost over and that you have two kids now! We will see you very soon:)

Chelsey said...

Yeah! You had your baby! I know it sounds like I just heard about it. But, No I have just been WAITING for pictures. Loves from me to all you lovelies!I miss you.

Geoff and Bets said...

spinach to go with tyler's sausage?